< MAY 2016 BMW OWNERS NEWS www.bmwmoa.org Rok Straps By Wes Fleming, #87301 WHEN I THINK BACK ON ALL THE ways I tied things to the back of my motorcycle, I shudder a little and thank Karl Rapp, Soichiro Honda and George Hendee that I’m still alive. Rope. Twine. Bungee cords. Bun- gee nets. Flat web straps. Leather belts. PACKING TAPE. Ratcheting tie-down straps. Seriously, it’s amaz- ing I’m still here to tell you about my experience with Rok Straps. I was at the murderously hot and humid Bloomsburg Rally a few years ago and found myself needing to transport some extra stuff home for a friend, but I’d given my trusty (and old) bungee net to somebody else struggling to strap gear to their bike. At one of the vendor booths—I forget who it was now—they were selling these Rok Straps in a variety of colors. Some had hooks on the ends, but the ones that drew my attention had no hooks, but instead, loops at their ends. The gimmick was that you loop the ends around a frame member or grab handle, then load your gear and secure it with the straps. One side stretches a bit; the two ends buckle together and then the non-stretchy side has the adjustment. It’s easy – just pull on the end of the strap until your gear is secure. I keep two Rok Straps across the back seat of my R GS all the time just in case I have to transport something. I didn’t learn until later how innovative the Rok Straps are. The flat design keeps them from rolling out of place like a typicaL cord or rope. The stretch material seems sturdy beyond my needs, and even though mine stay on the bike and are exposed to rain, sun and even the occasional snow- flake, they have not deteriorated in the least and continue to provide enough ten- sion to keep my cargo secure. The bright yellow, high-visibility color hasn’t faded, and the lack of hooks on the ends of the straps has kept my bike (and my cargo) scratch-free. Currently on my third set of Rok Straps, I find myself foolishly loaning them to peo- ple, then finding out they like them as much as I do, which invariably means I have to buy a new set. Rok Straps are inex- pensive enough so it’s not a burden to keep a set or two in the top case. Just don’t loan them out; you won’t get them back! member tested BMW OWNERS NEWS May 2016