Pack Strap Stretch Strap - 42" Hot Pink


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ROK Medium strength straps are designed to secure a lighter load but maintain a high level of strength. Rated at 60 lbs per strap, these are perfect for adding to your load, back pack, camping helpers and so much more. UV Protected to ensure the solid rubber core won’t rot, a perfect addition to your large ROK straps and travel kit. Keep on the bike for day to day use.

  • As easy as attach, buckle, and tighten, the Pack Adjustable Strap is rated to carry 60 pounds (110 pounds burst strength) 5/8 inch wide, adjusts from 12 to 42 inches long
  • Two-piece strap consisting of a webbing element with loop attachments and an elastic element joined by quick-release buckle
  • The elastic section provides tension; the webbing section adjusts for size, ensuring you have exactly the right length with exactly the right tension
  • Each section is attached independently around a luggage rack, frame tube, foot peg carrier, the luggage is placed between the attachment points, the two parts of the strap are buckled together, and the strap is tightened
  • Built for heavy outdoor use, motorcycling, backpacking, they are safer than a bungee cord, with the looped end attachments to keep your ride scratch free